Hamas: Israeli withdrawal from Gaza victory for resistance, blow to traitors

Hamas: Israeli withdrawal from Gaza victory for resistance, blow to traitors

The Hamas Movement considered the withdrawal of the IOF troops from the northern Gaza Strip a victory for the Palestinian resistance and a blow to those who colluded with the Israeli occupation against resistance, highlighting its adherence to the option of resistance against the occupation.

Mushir Al-Masri, the secretary-general of the Hamas parliamentary bloc, stated that the IOF troops” declaration about the failure of the military campaign is a big triumph achieved by the Palestinian resistance and an assertion that the language of resistance, not the negotiations, is capable of compelling the Israeli occupation to recognize the Palestinian people”s rights.

For his part, an Israeli writer called Amir Tsoria opined in an article published on Monday in Hebrew newspapers that it is the time to have the courage to admit that the IOF troops failed in its military operations against the Gaza Strip and to achieve the goals they came for such as stopping the rockets and assassinating senior Hamas leaders.

The writer underlined that the Israeli elite Givati Brigade which carried out the operation in north Gaza asked for evacuation from Gaza as soon as possible, adding, “as they entered they left”.

The writer also said that Hamas continued even during the presence of IOF troops to fire its rockets on Israeli settlements, pointing out that the Israeli army is not structurally prepared at this time to indulge in a long and continuous fighting inside populated areas.

For its part, the caretaker government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya decided to extend urgent aid to the affected Palestinian citizens who were vulnerable to Israeli attacks in different areas of Gaza.

Following an emergency meeting on Monday, Taher Al-Nunu, the spokesman for the government, stated that the ministry of public works was assigned to estimate the damage caused by the Israeli aggression in various areas of Gaza, asserting that the government decided to give urgent assistance worth $1,000 to each Palestinian family whose house was destroyed pending completion of the damage survey report by the ministry.

In a statement received by the PIC, Nunu added that the government also decided to give $100 in urgent aid to each wounded Palestinian in addition to parcels of food to all families that were affected in the Israeli aggression.

The statement hailed the role of the Egyptian leadership in opening the Rafah crossing before the injured, urging Egypt to keep the crossing open before the Palestinian people in Gaza in order to promote their steadfastness and alleviate their suffering.