Hamas: Mishaal’s speech will address different political issues

Hamas: Mishaal’s speech will address different political issues

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum stated that the speech of Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas political bureau, due to be delivered on Saturday, would address different political issues and the Movement’s position toward them as well as its strategies in light of the regional and global changes.


In a press statement published by the Palestine newspaper, spokesman Barhoum added that Mishaal would speak about the prospects of the national dialog with Fatah faction and the impact of the situation on the ground in the West Bank on this dialog.


He noted that Mishaal would address the whole world especially Europe and the US and would clarify the Palestinian people’s rights and their sovereignty over their land.


This speech is considered very important because it comes following the speech delivered by US president Barack Obama in Cairo lately and the one made by right-wing Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu in which he torpedoed any possible chance for a peaceful settlement.


In another context, an Israeli center for public and political studies revealed in a report prepared by strategist Pinhas Anbari and published by Israeli media outlets on Thursday that Salam Fayyad, the head of the PA unconstitutional government in Ramallah, looks forward to achieving the American goals in the region through making changes in the PA leading eventually to the elimination of Hamas.


The report added that Fayyad is praiseworthy for the efforts he makes to implement the American agenda despite the difficulties he faces.


It noted that the repeated resignations of Fayyad were a tactical move planned by the US and Israel in order for Fayyad to survive as a premier of the Ramallah government for the longest time possible.


The report also said that the Zio-American-backed economic and security policy pursued by Fayyad’s government increased the tension between Fayyad on one hand and Hamas and Fatah on the other hand.


It added that Fatah officials see that Fayyad does not have any experience in the security field and despite that he is now in charge of the American security plan in the West Bank which made him keep noted Fatah leaders away from important security positions.


PA sources had already revealed that there were sharp differences between ex-PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and his government’s premier Fayyad owing to the concerns felt by Abbas about Fayyad’s intents to be the PA chief in coordination with US officer Keith Dayton and with the support of some European countries.