Hamas: Mofaz’s Threats Are Acts of Terrorism

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, labeled threats of the Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz to continue target assassinations against Hamas leaders “a formal terrorism,” stressing that the Zionist policy of extortion will not yield with Hamas  .
“We will continue the targeted killings at this pace,” Mofaz told the Israeli Army Radio. “Not just Ismail Haniyeh. No-one will be immune,” he added.
In response, Hamas spokesman Samy Abu Zehary stated that” Israeli threats will neither move nor frighten us. We reject this policy of blackmail. We adhere to the rights and interests of our people, no matter the price is.”  “Mofaz’s statements are formal terrorism,” Abu Zehary dubbed.
Hamas spokesman called on the international community to take up its responsibility regarding what he called ’the crime that is being brazenly arranged under the watchful eyes of world.’
Abu Zehary said the Zionist threats are designated to press and blackmail Hamas…however, Hamas has proven that it neither submits nor complies with such policy.