Hamas: Netanyahu’s speech is racist

Hamas: Netanyahu’s speech is racist

The Hamas Movement said on Sunday that Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech was racist when demanding the Palestinian people to proclaim their land of Palestine a pure Jewish state and to renounce their right to this land, highlighting that such statements make the Palestinian people more adherent to their rights.


In a statement issued following the speech delivered by the Israeli premier and a copy of which was received by the PIC, Hamas stressed that Netanyahu spoke about a Palestinian state without identity, sovereignty, the holy city, the right of return or army, and insisted on the expansion of settlements.


It added that the Israeli premier presented to the Arabs a mere economic peace in return for normalizing relations with his entity and recognizing his occupation state.


The statement underlined that Netanyahu tried to use some deceptive words about his desire for peace, but his racist positions especially his demand for a prior recognition of Israel as a “Jewish” state and his denial of the Palestinian people’s right to Jerusalem and return to their land are evidence that he pretends to incline to peace.


In the same context, Dr. Ahmed Bahar, the acting speaker of the PLC said Sunday, in a statement received by the PIC, that Netanyahu’s speech was impudent and full of words of threats against the Palestinian people and superiority over the Arab and Muslim Nation.


Dr. Bahar added that Netanyahu’s remarks unveiled that some Arabs are deluded by peace allegations and its failed projects, and confirmed that the resistance is the only way to restore the usurped Palestinian rights.


Benjamin Netanyahu, the right-wing Israeli premier, stated Sunday evening in a speech at the university of Bar Ilan that his government could accept a Palestinian state as long as it has no military force and recognizes Israel as the state of the Jewish people.


For its part, the popular front for the liberation of Palestine (PFLP) said Monday that Netanyahu’s call for recognizing the Jewish state, his denial of the Palestinian rights, his allegation that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, his refusal to withdraw to 1967 borders and his talk about a demilitarized Palestinian state make the peace offered to the Palestinians “peace of slaves” and their state an “Israeli colony”.


The PFLP underscored that Netanyahu was scoffing at the Arab leaders and their peace initiative, and disdained the US administration’s calls for ending settlement activities when he talked about security, economic and political relations with Arabs while his government still imposes siege on the Palestinians and practices different kinds of violations against them, their lands and the holy places in Jerusalem.