Hamas: Olmert’s threats do not terrorize us

Hamas: Olmert’s threats do not terrorize us

The Hamas Movement on Thursday asserted that Israeli premier Ehud Olmert”s threats would not terrorize the Palestinian people or Hamas, describing the IOF ongoing raids as “war crimes”.

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, said in a press release that the Israeli occupation authority daily presents solid proofs that it was not concerned with calls for calm or stability.

He charged that the IOA war on Gaza carried the political goal of toppling the Hamas-led legitimate PA caretaker government and had nothing to do with the issue of the locally made missiles.

Turning to Olmert”s threats, Abu Zuhri said that they do not terrorize the Palestinians and that Hamas would face those threats with resoluteness.

“The blood of children and innocent people compel us to confront this occupation and aggression with all what we own,” he emphasized.

The spokesman also charged that the IOF large scale aggression on Gaza was the fruit of the American green line, international silence and constant incitement by PA chief Mahmoud Abbas against Hamas and resistance.

“We, in Hamas, call on the Arab and Islamic Nation to support the Palestinian people in face of the Israeli-international conspiracy in which a number of local and regional parties are involved in a bid to subdue this people and break its steadfastness,” he concluded.