Hamas: Our Tour Was Successful

On Friday, a delegation of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, will meet officials of the Russian Foreign Ministry. The visit comes within Hamas tour to resist the American pressures and to spell out its stances on various issues. In this respect, Ikhwan Web held a conversation with Muhammad Nazal, a member of Hamas delegation:

“The Russian political administration invited us to Russia. Accordingly, we will be there at the week end. So far, the political level of the meeting is not specified. Since this is our first visit to Russia, we aim to put our views and political outlook across, especially while Zionist media convey wrong and misleading information about Hamas and our stances. We also will have the chance to listen to the Russian administration. Of course, we thank Mr. Putin for his invitation,” Nazal said commenting on Friday’s visit to Russia. The Russian move represents an undeclared confrontation with the US which adopts a strict policy to Hamas following its landslide victory in the legislative elections.

Remarking on the EU Commission’s decision to release 120 million euros to help Palestinians, Nazal said: “we appreciate this step which corresponds with the right policy. The EU should realize that its penalty of the Palestinian Authority is in fact a punishment for the Palestinian people. Hence, the EU decision improves its image before Palestinians and reflects the space of freedom the EU enjoys away from the American Administration.”

“So far, the tour is very promising. Countries which we have visited and some other states committed to fund the PA and the Palestinians for they believe the support a humane and ethical duty before being a political one,” Nazal remarked about the outcome of Hamas tour.

“When Mr. Mahmud Abbas charged Ismail Haniyeh to form the government, Haniyeh made contacts with most of national powers and fictions along with some independent personage. All powers expressed tentative agreements on condition of approving the political program of the incoming Hamas-led government; a matter which I think will be clear in mid March,” Nazal explained.

“Some security apparatus are affiliated to the PA chairman while others are affiliated to the prime minister. We hope no disputes take place among them and matters go normally,” Nazal commented on the status of security apparatus in the new government.

In conclusion, Nazal said the participation of Hamas, represented by Mahmud el-Zahar and Said Siyam, in the Arab Parliamentarians Conference in Jordon does not mean a development in Hamas-Jordan relationship.