Hamas: Rice’s statements gives cover to Israel’s crimes and US’s complicity

Hamas: Rice’s statements gives cover to Israel’s crimes and US’s complicity

The Hamas Movement strongly denounced on Tuesday the statements of American secretary of state Condoleezza Rice in which she held Hamas responsible for what happened in Gaza, considering these statements an American attempt to absolve Israel from its atrocities in the Strip and to cover for the American complicity.

In a press conference, Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, stated that the Palestinian resistance rockets are a natural reaction to the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

“The resistance rockets will never stop until the missiles and bombs of F-16s and Apaches stop first and the siege is broken; the problem lies in the occupation, not in our people,” Dr. Abu Zuhri said addressing Rice.

The Hamas spokesman castigated Rice”s call for the return of negotiations between the PA and Israel, adding that any PA”s participation in negotiations with Israel is a crime equivalent to the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people because this participation provides a cover up for these atrocities. 

The spokesman also deplored the consensus between the PA chief and the US secretary of state on describing the Palestinian resistance as extremist groups.

In another context, Hamas spokesman Abu Zuhri underlined, in an exclusive statement to the PIC, that the US-based Vanity Fair newspaper”s report which revealed that the US sought to oust Hamas and spark civil war between Hamas and Fatah is considered a further testimony to the movement”s innocence of the June events and that it was in a state of self-defense against a coup.

The spokesman added that the report enjoys credibility because it was based on documents and goes along with recent statements issued by Fatah leaders such as the statements of Hakam Balawi during his TV rivalry with Abu Ali Saheen.

The spokesman pointed out that Rice in Cairo did not belie the report but tried to justify what has been said in it which means implicit acknowledgement of the facts mentioned in it, adding that the report bears out that we are facing a dictatorial regime which does not believe in democracy unless it is in line with its own interests.

The spokesman highlighted that under the high credibility of this report, PA chief Mahmoud Abbas can no longer accuse Hamas of toppling Fatah and insist on imposing his preconditions on Hamas because this report confirms that the PA leadership was the one which was trying to overthrow Hamas, not the opposite.