Hamas: Statement of the UN human rights council encourages Israeli war crimes

Hamas: Statement of the UN human rights council encourages Israeli war crimes

The Hamas Movement strongly denounced on Tuesday the statement of the UN human rights council, saying that the statement encourages the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and makes light of the Palestinian people”s blood and the war crimes committed against them.

Dr. Ismail Radwan, a prominent Hamas leader, underlined that the statement issued by the UN human rights council, which refused to condemn the Israeli war atrocities and massacres committed against the Gaza people and to form an international investigation commission, encourages Israel to continue its crimes and reflects the American hegemony over the European and the council”s decisions.

The Hamas Movement deplored former PA chief Mahmoud Abbas for ignoring the appeals made by legal organizations for filing war crimes lawsuites against Israeli leaders, pointing out that this position raises question marks over the PA attitude towards the atrocities committed against the Gaza people.   

In a press statement received on Tuesday by the PIC, Hamas said that according to the international criminal court, Abbas is still entitled to file such charges against Israel, adding that legal organizations said that Abbas did not respond to their appeals in this regard.

Abdelazim Al-Maghrebi, the deputy head of the federation of Arab lawyers, told Al-Jazeera satellite channel on Tuesday that Abbas refused to cooperate with the federation to file war crimes charges against Israeli leaders with the international criminal court, pointing out that this court does not consider such cases if they are not filed by the heads of states.