Hamas: The independent committee’s report exposes human rights violation in WB

Hamas: The independent committee’s report exposes human rights violation in WB

The Hamas Movement stated Tuesday that the report issued by the independent human rights committee about the police regime pursued by the PA leadership and its government in Ramallah and the violation of human rights in the West Bank conclusively confirmed the policy of repression and factional cleansing practiced by the PA security apparatuses there.

In a statement received by the PIC, Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, underlined that the PA regime in the West Bank practices many arbitrary violations of human rights including political arrests, torture, military trials, and dismissal of civil servants at the pretext of the “lack of loyalty to the legitimacy”.

Barhoum added that this policy poses a big threat to the freedom of opinion and expression, human rights and political pluralism, which were guaranteed by all international laws and norms.

The spokesman strongly denounced the ongoing summoning and detention of Palestinian women by the PA security and intelligence apparatuses and the preparations for establishing a prison for women in the West Bank, adding that these unconventional acts pose the greatest threat to the social peace and the future of the Palestinian national consensus.

The spokesman appealed in the Movement”s statement to all international and local human rights organizations to necessarily intervene to stop these practices and to work on releasing all Palestinian prisoners from PA jails and on opening the closed charities, orphanages and unions in the West Bank.

In another context, an Israeli security source hailed the performance of the PA security apparatuses in the West Bank especially their campaigns of arrest and pursuit against Hamas and Islamic Jihad cadres.

The Israeli Ha”aretz newspaper quoted Tuesday this source as saying that the PA security achieved big successes in its activities in different areas of the West Bank, adding that the security cooperation between Israel and the PA improved greatly.

The source underlined that the PA have succeeded in closing 300 charitable institutions and in tightening its control over the imams of mosques in the West Bank.