Hamas: The release of 20 political prisoners from PA jails is a silly game

Hamas: The release of 20 political prisoners from PA jails is a silly game

The Hamas Movement said Saturday that Fatah leaders’ talk about the release of 20 out of 750 political prisoners in PA jails in the West Bank is a meaningless stupid game, and an attempt to insult others’ intelligence and to escape from the obligations in this regard.


In a statement in the West Bank, Hamas underlined that since the security reconciliation committees started their work in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank last week and until now, the PA security apparatuses have kidnapped 113 of its cadres in the West Bank.


In the same context, the PA security apparatuses kidnapped 13 Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas on Friday including a professor of political science at the university of Al-Najah called Ra’ed Nu’airat.


In the context of the PA torture policy, informed Palestinian sources reported that the PA intelligence officers are still torturing Sheikh Anwar Mara’aba, the assistant deputy minister of religious affairs, who was kidnapped five days ago.


The family of political prisoner in Bethlehem Jamal Al-Wahsh confirmed that their son suffers from nervous breakdowns as a result of his exposure to excruciating torture at the hands of PA officers.


For their part, the Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails warned in a leaked statement of the repercussions of the persistent arrest campaigns carried out by the PA security apparatuses in the West Bank, saying that such arrests are a direct threat to the success of the Palestinian dialog.