Hamas: The success of dialogue needs a halt of arrest campaigns in the WB

Hamas: The success of dialogue needs a halt of arrest campaigns in the WB

Hamas stressed on Tuesday that the success of any inter-Palestinian dialogue requires a halt of all campaigns of arrests and pursuits carried out by the unconstitutional Fayyad government in the West Bank, expressing its honest willingness to render successful any Arab efforts exerted to end the internal crisis. 

In a press conference, Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, lashed out at the PA security apparatuses for handing Sheikh Hussein Abu Kuweik and Sheikh Faraj Abu Rummane to the IOF troops after being released from their jails in Ramallah, considering that the unconstitutional government of Fayyad, with such act, reached the peak of political corruption.

Barhoum called on PA chief Mahmoud Abbas to put his calls for the return of dialogue into action, denying categorically that Hamas had rejected any initiative for unconditional dialogue.

The spokesman pointed out that the PA chief is the one who is hampering the dialogue efforts through imposing unattainable preconditions on Hamas.

The spokesman affirmed that there are intensive contacts conducted by Arab parties especially Cairo and Riyadh for the resumption of the inter-Palestinian dialogue, welcoming the decision issued during the meeting of the Arab League Council which called for the formation of a committee headed by Arab League secretary-general Amre Mousa for sponsoring Palestinian dialogue based on Makkah and Cairo agreements.

The spokesman considered that the Fayyad government”s collusion with the Israeli occupation does not need a proof because its security apparatuses translated the security section of the roadmap plan on the ground through carrying out a fierce campaign of arrests against Hamas cadres in the West Bank.

The spokesman called for sacking the Fayyad government because it is blessed by the Americans and Israelis and does not belong to the Palestinians any more. He also advised Abbas to assume his responsibilities in this regard because there is already a constitutional government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya and must be respected until reaching a national consensus on the formation of a new government legitimized by the PLC.

Regarding the visit of US president George Bush to the Palestinian occupied lands, the spokesman underlined that Bush”s visit to the region is not welcomed, especially since this visit came to serve the sole interests of the Israeli occupation and to widen the internal gap between Palestinians.

In another development, Hebrew media sources revealed that a meeting was held at a late hour Tuesday between the leaders of PA security apparatuses and the IOF troops, in an office near Beit El in Ramallah in the West Bank, pointing out that this meeting was the first at such a level in seven years

Hebrew media sources quoted sources attending the meeting as saying that they discussed various security issues and coordination between the two sides in civil and security areas, especially since the PA security apparatuses and the IOF troops have been waging for months a campaign of mass arrests amongst Hamas cadres in the West Bank.