Hamas: The talk about calm in light of the Israeli crimes is meaningless

Hamas: The talk about calm in light of the Israeli crimes is meaningless

Ayman Taha, a Hamas spokesman, stated that his Movement was not begging for a truce with the Israeli occupation, but it was offered the truce lately, underlining that the talk about calm in light of the Israeli crimes is meaningless.

In an exclusive press statement to the PIC, Taha added that the resistance is a strategy and Hamas realizes the magnitude of the costs and sacrifices, but it has not closed the doors to any initiative that serves the best interests of the Palestinian people.

The spokesman explained that Hamas will only accept a truce on the conditions it has already made, adding that he believes that those conditions were in the best interest of the Palestinian people and not as some people allege that the conditions serve the narrow interests of movement or its leadership.

He further explained that his movement was ready to accept a truce that is comprehensive, reciprocal and implemented at the same time by both parties. The second condition is that Israel stops all forms of aggression and the third condition is the lifting of the siege.

Regarding the ongoing campaigns of arrests waged by the PA security apparatuses against Hamas cadres in the West Bank, the spokesman underscored: “Hamas is not weak and it is able to defend itself, but its priority is to resist and direct its weapons at the Zionist occupation, so I say to the PA that it should seize this opportunity and stop its crimes before it is too late and there is then not much use of penitence.”

In another context, Israeli military boats opened fire at noon Sunday at a car was traveling off the coast of the Sudania area, northern Gaza Strip which managed to escape, but the heavy Israeli fire led to the injury of three Palestinian bystanders.

A large number of IOF troops reinforced by armored vehicles stormed the Jenin city and a number of its villages amid intensive gunfire, breaking into and ransacking a number of Palestinian houses.

In retaliation to the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza, the Salahuddin Brigades, the armed wing of the popular resistance committees, announced that its fighters managed on Sunday morning to fire two upgraded homemade rockets on the Israeli Sderot settlement before returning to their bases safely.