Hamas: the U.S is not an Enemy

In an interview with the British Sunday Telegraph, Mahmud el-Zahar, a prominent leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said his movement will not recognize Israel; however, a long-term truce is attainable.
During the interview held in Gaza, el-Zahar said the Palestinian Chairman, Mahmud Abase, will ask Hamas to set up the new government, in the wake of Hamas’ achievement of the absolute majority in the parliamentary elections.
Hamas calls publicly for the devastation of Israel. Following its overwhelming victory, it refuses being disarmed, reiterating its persistence to take up arms.
At the heels of Hams success, spawned worry in Israel and in the whole world, el-Zahar pressed the international community for recognizing the new Palestinian leaders. ’No body should fear us’; however, ’Israelis who raped our country should,’ he added.
El-Zahar said Hamas does not have, so far, official connections with the West, stressing having communication channels and constant meetings.  
Asked about his political ambition, el-Zahar asserted he will not run for any important position in the new government, proclaiming ’I do not have the personal aspiration of becoming the prime minister.’
He stressed the necessity of making no concessions with Israel. Previously, the Israeli Defense Minister, Shaol Mofaz, warned Hamas leaders that they will enjoy no immunity if keep on their attacks on Israel.
Meanwhile, el-Zahar announced that he does not consider the U.S. an enemy, saying Bush possesses the keys of achieving peace in the ME.
’We do not regard the U.S. an enemy,’ el-Zahar said, in an interview with the American C.B.S. ’Hamas seeks Bush to settle justice. Believe my, people will link the developments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine to each other. This will not be of service for the American interests,’ he emphasized.
’The American president owns the keys of the peace game in the ME. The Israeli government does not have enough trust in us to begin negotiations. Hamas is ready to establish an independent Palestinian state in the occupation-free territories. Nevertheless, we do not accept any aggression on us. Give us a chance to lead a normal life, at that time, suicide bombs on Israel will come to an end,’ he said.