Hamas: Truce Deal is Victory for Palestinian Resistance, Thanks to Egypt Historic Role

Hamas: Truce Deal is Victory for Palestinian Resistance, Thanks to Egypt Historic Role

Moussa Abu-Marzouk, a leading figure in the Hamas movement, said that the Egyptian-brokered truce deal between the Palestinian resistance and Israel is a political and military victory for the resistance and brave martyrs of Gaza.

Abu-Marzouk praised the important role Egypt played and described it as ‘historic’. He also praised Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi for doing all he could to complete peace negotiations and secure the deal, meeting the demands of the Palestinian resistance.

In a statement, the prominent Hamas leader revealed that for the first time Israel called on the US, France, Turkey and Egypt to immediately intervene in order to mediate a truce as soon as possible.

Abu-Marzouk further added that, in the beginning of deal negotiations, the Zionist entity stipulated two conditions: halting of arms smuggling and establishing of a buffer zone. But it soon dropped these conditions in order to achieve a truce as quickly as possible so it would not be even more humiliated.

“Israel agreed to conditions set by the Palestinian resistance, including an immediate end to the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip, which continued for eight days in a row.

“Israel also agreed to stop targeted-killings of resistance activists, and to stop all hostilities against Gaza by land, sea and air, including incursions. The deal also includes the opening of border crossings and facilitating movement of persons and goods – within 24 hours of the truce coming into effect.

Abu-Marzouk praised the Egyptian role, led by President Morsi, for championing the Palestinian cause, taking the side of the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights, and achieving the truce deal, which is seen as a victory for the Palestinians.