Hamas: We will not raise the white flag

Hamas: We will not raise the white flag

On the fourth day of the barbaric Israeli occupation forces” bombardment of the Gaza Strip that primarily targeted Hamas buildings and government institutions but which also destroyed civilian homes, Hamas asserted that it would never surrender or raise the white flag.

Dr. Ismail Radwan, one of the political leaders of Hamas, said in a press release on Tuesday that targeting mosques, universities, charitable and civil institutions and civilian homes point to the “ugly, racist, savage and terrorist image of the Israeli occupation”.

He urged the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, to retaliate to the aggression, and hailed the Palestinian people”s legendary steadfastness and backing of resistance.

Radwan also heaped praise on the Arab and Islamic masses that demonstrated in support of Palestine and called on them to continue pressuring their governments to support the Palestinians.

In another statement for Hamas on Tuesday, it said that the Palestinian people would not be content with the official Arab and Islamic regimes” condemnation but would rather like those regimes to adopt practical steps that would end the “oppressive aggression immediately, to sever all relations with the enemy and to open the Rafah border terminal”.

The statement said that the IOF holocaust in Gaza is the latest in a series of brutal crimes against the Palestinian people.

It asked citizens not to evacuate their homes at the request of the IOF to shell them, and asked the people to form human shields around those houses to foil that scheme.