Hamas: Abbas’s speech full of contradictions, reflects ill will

Hamas: Abbas’s speech full of contradictions, reflects ill will

The Hamas Movement on Tuesday described PA chief Mahmoud Abbas”s speech on the 4th anniversary of late PA chief Yasser Arafat”s death as hollow and full of contradictions that attempted to raise the public opinion against Hamas.

Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, said in a statement that Abbas did not speak as the president of the Palestinian people but rather as a sheer partisan leader and uncovered his ill intention and his attempt to drive a wedge between Hamas and the Palestinian factions and the Arab countries.

He said that Abbas spoke about resistance while he is in fact attempting to liquidate it, and was surrendering constants that Arafat died for.

Barhoum underlined that Abbas never asked for lifting the siege on Gaza and did not ask Egypt to open the Rafah crossing but still insists on bringing back the occupiers to control the terminal.

He charged Abbas of being the first and foremost person responsible for the Palestinian people”s state of division.

The spokesman said that Abbas spoke about paying Gaza civil servants” salaries while in fact he severed the salaries of 30,000 civil servants because they respected their democratic choice.

Barhoum also expressed surprise at Abbas”s high praise of outgoing American president George Bush, who was responsible for many crimes that befell the Palestinian people through his unlimited support for the Israeli occupiers.

Abbas is no longer to be entrusted with the fate of  the Palestinian people, their rights and constants, he said, adding that Hamas was now more inclined not to give him another chance to decide on the fate of the people.