• April 12, 2010

Hamas: Israel’s decision to expel West Bankers is a new Nakba

Hamas: Israel’s decision to expel West Bankers is a new Nakba

The Movement of Hamas on Sunday expressed its deep concern over the Israeli military decision to expel thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, describing it as a new Nakba (catastrophe) inflicted on the Palestinian people.

In a press release, Hamas said that this serious step is aimed to vacate the West Bank from Palestinians in order to expand the settlements and bring thousands of new settlers to live in them, stressing that the Palestinian people are the rightful owners of the land and have the right to move freely inside it.

Hamas added that this policy of forced displacement dealt another blow to the Palestinian Authority (PA) which is still persistent in its frivolous negotiations with the Israeli occupation.

The Movement warned the unconstitutional government of Salam Fayyad of involving in this Israeli policy and called on the West Bank people to resist any attempt to uproot them from their land.
It also called on the Arab League, the organization of the Islamic conference, and all human rights institutions to urgently move to curb Israel from implementing this arbitrary action.

For its part, Sawasya center for human rights said that the military order issued by Israel to deport thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank under many pretexts such as they or their children were born in the Gaza Strip, or they lost their rights of residency reminds the world of the 1948 Nakba in which thousands of Palestinians were displaced and replaced by Jews.

Sawasya added that this military order is a flagrant violation of all international laws and conventions which guaranteed the right of individuals to move freely and choose their place of residence inside the country they live in.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Bahar, the first deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC), said that uprooting thousands of Palestinians constitutes a new mass displacement and an attempt to empty the West Bank of its people as a prelude to implementing the Zionist schemes of expansion.

In a press release, Dr. Bahar called on all human rights organizations to pool their efforts to expose the Israeli schemes locally and internationally.