Hamas: Promoting Tirawi cannot reform PA security apparatuses

Hamas: Promoting Tirawi cannot reform PA security apparatuses

The Hamas Movement stated that portraying the dismissal of PA intelligence chief Tawfiq Al-Tirawi as a step on the path of reforming the security apparatuses is an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes, highlighting that the reformation of these apparatuses can only be achieved through a national program and not through promotions. 

In a statement received by the PIC, Hamas underlined that the dismissal of the PA intelligence chief has nothing to do with the reform of security apparatuses because Al-Tirawi was rewarded and promoted to another post.

Hamas also added that the person who was appointed to succeed Tirawi belongs to the same security school which believes that its role is to protect the security of the Israeli occupation.

According to PA sources, PA chief Mahmoud Abbas decided to promote Mohamed Mansour, the deputy of Tirawi, to acting chief of PA intelligence.

The sources said that Abbas held Tuesday night a security meeting in Ramallah attended by his security top brass including Tirawi, where it was agreed at the end of the meeting that Tirawi should submit his resignation and assume his new position.

According to different news reports, Tirawi was appointed as Abbas” special advisor on security affairs and promoted to the rank of minister.