• May 2, 2007
  • 31 minutes read

Hamas : Our Battle Is With IOF, Nobody Else

Hamas : Our Battle Is With IOF, Nobody Else

Spokesman of Hamas Movement Fawzy Barhum denied as groundless reports released by Associated Press Agency that Hamas its statement on Beit Hanun massacre called on the Muslim Nation to target the US interests.

 In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Barhum said that Hamas has often said that it restricts the battle with the Israeli occupation forces ( IOF)  and within the occupied land only, but it seems that the news agency has misquoted the statement.

 He quoted the movement’s recently released statement as saying that the US administration offers unequivocal support to the Israeli occupation forces, calling on the Muslim nation to adopt a clear position toward the US administration,” but this doesn’t mean to target the US interests”, he said, assuring that Hamas adopts an unchangeable policy restricting the battle within the occupied land and with the IOF only nobody else.

Photos of Massacre day


The photos speak for themselves … Israeli army shelling kills babies, women, civilians … what else the world is waiting for to act against this barbarism