Hamas and Fatah and the New Palestine

The 25th of December, 2005 marked a sweeping victory of Hamas in the Palestinian legislative elections and the indication of a promising future for the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian people, armed with a revolutionary spirit, have proven once again that they are up to the challenge and adamantly dedicated to their national choices despite threats of starvation and pressures of political finance.

It’s a promising future because the people of all factions and parties have chosen the resistance and reform agenda. Notice that 23 thousand out of 56 thousand representing the security apparatus members and 16 out of 86 persons representing the presidency staff voted for the Reform and Change List.

This victory and promising future belongs to all Paletinians because the winning agenda was one that aims at reforming the Palestinian condition as a whole and adheres to the right of resistance which provides the tool for realizing the Palestinian rights and that concerns all Palestinians.

We should not view the results of elections as honoring a party and punishing another. The Palestinian ship has chosen its new captain and all passengers including former captains should hand down power to the new leaders and put their services and efforts at the disposal of the new leaders and help face the challenges ahead.

Hamas’s victory in the elections should not be viewed as a defeat for Fatah. We should remember that Palestine still struggles for liberation and hasn’t achieved the status of an independent state. Therefore, the loyal opposition pretended by some Fatah figures does not appeal to the Palestinian people as a national choice.

In case that Palestine becomes an independent state and when the political system becomes complete and mature, the struggle for power will proceed according to the democratic rules but while Palestine is still struggling for liberation, the struggle should proceed on the basis of competition among liberation agendas. Since the Palestinian people have chosen a new path, the national responsibility requires the participation of the other party and not struggle for power.

Hamas says that national unity is the only and best way for supporting the Palestinian cause and it was on this basis that Hamas offered political partnership. This offer has never been out of political weakness but rather in line with Hamas’s political agenda and behaviour all along.