Hamas and the Crucial Choice

At the beginning, I did not want to get involved in the ongoing debates about the crisis of Gaza and the clashes between Fattah and Hamas, but what encouraged me to write in this issue is that our colleague Abdul Moneim Mahmoud wrote his viewpoints in his blog “Ana Ikhwan” about the Palestinian issue, so I felt that I am in need to present my viewpoint in the issue also to elucidate the difference in some points with my colleague.

When we want to propound a specific issue for debate and evaluation, there should be a study for the surrounding circumstances where decisions are taken especially when knowing that this decision was a crucial one in the history of Hamas movement.


I want express my resent and objection against some brute images that were displayed through mass media and some childish acts for some members in Hamas beside the inhuman assassination for Samih Al-Madhun who was killed without any trial (Although he admitted perpetrating crimes before mass media) however, this is against the Islamic Sharia which prohibit such violations.

Background on the status of Gaza before Hamas seizes control

Many exchange of letters fell in my hands between the Palestinian ministry of interior headed by Said Siyam and the cabinet also many presidential offices and some Palestinian bodies and I will explore most of these exchange of letters in the report conducted between prime Minster Haniya and Abu Mazen.

In the last 10th of January, the Prime Minsiter Haniya sent a message to President Abu Mazen and says the following:

We send you the best of regards and we beseech from Allah to guide you. Some information became available in our hands recently, that point out that the security plan aims at ousting the government and to violate the democratic choice for the Palestinian people, and we can summarize these information as follows:

– The Admission of a huge number of weapons for the guards of presidency from foreign parts with the previous knowledge and support from America and Israel.

– To form a special force from the national security that can estimate thousands in order to face the Palestinian government and the executive power beside taking “Ansar” headquarters in Gaza as the general headquarters fort them.

– To provide these forces with vehicles, artillery and weapon beside having their full salaries

– Sensitive meetings are to be held for some officers in the Palestinian security in the headquarters of the American Embassy where action plans are to be discussed.

– To start taking the procedures of sacking some officers and substitute them with others, although it is worthy to mention that the officers’ committee is commissioned with these affairs, besides there is a legal violation because your Excellency appointed the representative Muhammad Dahlan verbally as a general leader for security bodies.

– There are threats for death that are sent to the heads of municipalities, also the minister of prisoners Wasfy Qabha was attacked and he was threatened to be killed next time. Also, one of the billionaires in Fattah in Gaza was assigned to carry out liquidation over the minster Abdel Rahman Zidan the Minster of labor and housing for 30 thousand dollars.

– Dear President, according to the above mentioned and along with other information we have in our hand, we would like to express our sorrow for this because this threatens the Palestinian Political system, and the national and social unity as well as threatening the Palestinian issue. We wish to see some measures and necessary procedures being taken from your part in order to protect our people and our case and we will be quite faithful for our unity and pour people- Kindly accept my best regards.

The features of the coup plan against Hamas as it was clear in the document

– At the time when Mr. Haniyah sent this message to Abu Mazen, he had specific information in his hands about certain details for the preparation of the security plan like appointing Muhammad Dahlan as a general leader for security bodies – choosing 15 thousands figures exponents to him to form a private force in the national security to challenge Hamas- the admission of 150 Jeep cars supplied with wireless communication apparatuses – Providing 2000 Kalashnikov cannons beside thousands of bullets- providing the new force with garments and shields-reestablishment of all security bodies and dismissing of 15 leaders and substituting with other pro-Fattah figures- the dismissal of 185 officers in the national security to purify the lines of the apparatus from dubious exponents.

– Along with these information, there was a referendum written by the hands of Abdul Raziq Al-Magayda (coordinator of security bodies) and used the papers sealed with the presidency divan seal. The referendum dealt with the prerequisites and demands for the security bodies especially the national security, which included seven items, among which devising a plan and grouping 15 thousand elements for the new force and to reckon the number of weapons and artillery.

In this dubious ambience, ministry of interior issued a press release in 6/2 renouncing the way where vehicles are admitted and the logistic weapons through crossing points secretly and with utter blackout where there are many violations perpetrated. The press release mentioned that the ministry of the interior charges the bodies that are carrying these violations of full responsibility of the repercussions stemming from these violations.

Jad Al-Tayeh Case

One of the files focused on the exchange of letters between the minister of interior Said Siyam and other security apparatuses concerning the assassination of one of the figures in the Palestinian intelligence Jad Al-Tiyh where the General Rachid Abu Shibak was commissioned to carry out the cross-examinations in the case. Through these letters, it seems that there was a good cooperation between Said Siyam concerning this case and that there is a security lobby that wanted the cross-examination to result in accusing some figures in Hamas of assassinating the man.

The main disputing points between the ministry of interior, the government and the presidency

One of the main differences between Haniyah’s government and the Palestinian presidency is the issue of separating between organization, administration and finance for the internal security forces and those of national security.

The contradiction between the jurisdictions of the ministry of interior and the different security apparatuses, the insistence from the part of security apparatuses to depict the weakness of the ministry of interior and not to abide by his rules. This was clear in the message sent from the ministry of interior Said Siyamm to the premier in 19/1/2007 where this letter mentioned some points and decisions nullified by Abu Mazen and this is a clear violation for the specializations of the ministry of interior, and these points according to Siyam are as follows:

1- When I fired the colonel Selim Ragab Abu Safiyah from the preventive security (the department of the cross-points security) because he was to run the legislative elections, Abu Mazen nullified my resolution although the afore said officer is under my direct responsibility in the interio security.

2- I issued a decree to exempt the colonel: Maged Al Hawari , the haed of the police of Ram Allah governorate from a month because of his nonfeasance before many accidents and practices yet this rule was not brought into effect under the pretext that the president was the one who ordered this suspension.

3- Many decisions were taken to extend the term of many officers although they exceeded the age of seventy without my knowledge like the general/ Tarq Zeid at West Bank.

4- There was no implementation for our decision passed by the cabinet to separate between organization and the administration of the ministry of interior and the authority of organizing and Administration besides there was an intimation for the interior security apparatuses to continue cooperation with colonel/ Muhammad Yossif, where we heard that there is an intention to give the resolution of administration and organizing to Ram Allah, this is accordant with is accordant to the decisions taken by security apparatuses like the preventive security about the disrespect to the minister and not to abide by his rules according to the received information.

5- Without any consultation many police officers were moved to new positions and this is among one of the violations

Important notes about the document

1- It seems through papers and letters exchanged between the ministry of interior and the presidency, organizing and administration that there is a competency between political powers whether Hamas or Fattah or the National Front to include many figures in the security forces.

2- Many figures were included in the executive power upon approvals from the president (he denied this recently)

3- The weakness in personality for the premier Ismail Haniyah and his inability to take strong political decisions since the formation of the government.

4- Failure in the policy of passing resolutions and the policy of compromise adopted by Hamas towards the PLO since its commission with forming a government.

5- The over control by the associates of Muhammad Dahlan in all security bodies.

Truth must be Said

Dear Abdul Moneim Mahmoud

First, I differ with you in the way you explored the issue and not your way of presenting it

Of course we refuse utterly what happened for our Palestinian bothers whether from Fattah and Hamas, and I refuse utterly your conclusion that Hamas should not have participated in political process but I should respect your viewpoint.

Yet there is an inevitable question, what would be the fate of Haams if it refused to participate since the beginning of Oslo Accords and of course you know the answer and the bloods of martyrs are evidence on that especially the case of Emad and Adel Awadallah.

There are many cases were targeted and detained after Hamas’s political participation.

The second point I would like to mention about Muhammd Nizal’s talk about their predictions that they could not win the elections overwhelmingly, Osama Hamadan when I met him said that the Hamas Supreme committee for elections was sure that Hamas would won elections with absolute majority.

The third point, of course there were many rejected practices made by some members of Hamas and we should put it within its normal context, which is the context of the persecuted, any persecuted person should seek defense, was the assassination of Shawishisco the dictator of Romania a crime in law? Of course I refuse this way.

Why are the youth of Islamic Awakening always blame ourselves and never put matters in right track and evaluate it objectively. What would Dahlan’s team do if Hamas did not participate in the political process.

Frankly I will keep convinced with my viewpoints that Hamas was forced to carry out these actions within this persecution. If we peel out layers and go to the year 1993, what was the fate of Hamas? It suffered from all kinds of persecution, liquidation, torture and detainment when there was something called PLO. After its participation in political life it practiced its activities in an ambience of slight freedom. Perhaps some may say theta there was weakness in resistance. Anyone understands policy should deduce that any resistance without a political umbrella is an absurd and futile resistance.

Through some maneuvers, Hamas was able to hit some targets meanwhile; the team of Dahlan emerged in Fattah to lead the policy of extirpating Hamas. So the path of war changed, after being a mere political competition between assuming power, it became a war of existence for Hamas. If Hamas retreated, the result would not only be extirpating of the movement but the collapse in the project of resistance.

Of course there are some historical moments that need crucial decisions void of any emotions and media effects.

Hamas failed in the war of media in order to convince people with truth or to pave way for the masses to understand this fact.

Concerning the resolution proposed by Moneim

I believe it is illogic at all because Hamas is an outcome of fair elections, so if elections are to be repeated would that cause the success of Fattah who became notorious for its corruption especially Dahlan who has dubious agendas and many other reasons. If we supposed Fattah will win, can Hamas go back to resistance? And who will allow the movement this while it is in opposition.

According to my viewpoints, I believe that the only assumption is the return of dialogue between Fattah and Hamas under an Arab censorship, and this is what Hama called for. I believe in the failure of any Palestinian faction seeks the exemption of the others.