Hamas asks international organizations to protect Palestinian civilians

Hamas asks international organizations to protect Palestinian civilians

The Hamas Movement on Monday asked the international and legal organizations concerned with human rights to adopt clear stands against the Zionist brutal massacres in the Gaza Strip.

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri said in a press statement, “We ask the Red Cross, international organizations and human rights societies to adopt real measures to protect Palestinian civilians against the murder and war crimes committed (by IOF troops) round the clock in Gaza Streets.”

He expressed utter dismay at those organizations” acts regarding those massacres, explaining that those organizations worked in “slow motion”. He said that such delay in action had led to the death of many citizens whose lives could have been spared if swifter action was taken.

Those organizations have to clarify their positions and to expose the Zionist crimes in the Gaza Strip or else they would not be spared the responsibility, Abu Zuhri underlined.

Palestinian medical sources declared that 116 Palestinians were killed, including a big number of civilians, 25% of them children, and 350 others were wounded including very serious injuries that could increase the number of victims.