Hamas Asks US to Remove It From List of Terrorist Organizations

Today, Mussa Abu Marzoq of the Palestinian Hamas called the US to remove his movement from its list of terrorist organizations on the wake of Hamas success in the legislative elections.
The member of Hamas Political Bureau Mussa Abu Marzoq said:’ the US has listed Hamas as a terrorist organizations to protect the American higher interests’. Mussa clarified that this reason is unjustifiable since Hamas is popularly supported and achieved a sweeping victory in the elections.
Mussa added the US should not keep Hamas on the list saying Hamas is a national liberating movement that acts only in the Palestinian occupied territories; it never carried out operations outside Palestine. 
Ahead of the formation of Hamas-led government, the US government requested the Palestinian Authority to refund $ 50 million in aid offered to the PA last year to finance infrastructure projects but was not used yet. ’We requested this money to be returned in order to ensure it will not be funneled to the new government that does not recognize Israel,’ said the US State Department Spokesman  Sean McCormack.
In his address before the Palestinian parliament, Mahmud Abu Mazen will declare the outline of the coming stage. He will press the parliament to honor the prior Palestinian agreements. 
Two days ago, Abu Mazen issued a decree that will make media institutions under the direct control of the presidency instead of the government which is expected to be headed by Hamas official. This decision intends to prevent Hamas from controlling the official mass media.

(to view list of terrorist organizations as designated by the US State Department, click the following link)http://www.state.gov/s/ct/rls/pgtrpt/2000/2450.htm