Hamas bloc: European foreign ministers’ visit irrational without coordination

Hamas bloc: European foreign ministers’ visit irrational without coordination

Is it wise what those officials want to do? Is it rational to enter the Palestinian house in the Gaza Strip without knocking at the door and asking the homeowners for permission?” the parliamentary bloc stated on Sunday.

The bloc pointed out that all the visiting delegations met with Palestinian officials in Gaza and coordinated with the official channels there in order to facilitate their missions, and the European ministers have to follow suit.

“Such behavior does not reflect reason and wisdom, but it fulfils the Zionist entity’s desire and responds to its pressures; this will not change the fact that the Gaza Strip is under the control of the legitimate Palestinian government that obtained the confidence of the legislative council, whether  the Europeans and Zionists recognized this government or not,” it highlighted.

In another context, the Irish authorities are mulling over terminating the European Union’s initiative that enables Israel to receive sensitive information about European citizens because of fears that the Mossad could use their personal data to carry out assassinations or illegal acts.

Irish minister of justice Dermott Ahern said Sunday that his country is concerned about Israel’s use of this information, especially in the aftermath of the scandal of bogus European passports which were used by the Mossad in the assassination of a Hamas official in Dubai.