Hamas Calls for a Coalition Government

During a meeting in Cairo on Monday, Hamas officials approved the call for forming a coalition government within a month. They, moreover, denied any Egyptian pressures on the group concerning its disarmament.
Muhammad Nazaal, a member of Hamas Political Bureau, said the gathered leaders, including Khaled Meshal, the Bureau’s head, agreed on “forming a coalition government that compasses all Palestinian fictions and groups.”
In statements to MENA, published in al-Jamhoriah daily, Nazaal remarked:’ the group discusses with the Egyptian officials the possibility of cooperating with Fatah in setting up the new government.’
On his part, Mahmud el-Zahar of Hamas said’ the group is eager to hold consultations with the Egyptian side over the developments in Palestine.’ He added that Fatah will decide its finial stance within a week, following the meeting of its Revolutionist Council. 
Meanwhile, Ismael Haniah, a prominent leader of Hamas, stated that the group requested Fatah to participate in the government; however, it does not give its reply yet.
’Officially Fatah did not inform Hamas that it will not join the government. They are still holding talks and will notify us with their final decision,’ he added.
’We seek to form a national technocratic government that prints the best future for Palestinians and for the coming parliament, Haniah said, in an interview with Reuters.