Hamas calls on Egypt to ensure swift return for Gaza pilgrims through Rafah

Hamas calls on Egypt to ensure swift return for Gaza pilgrims through Rafah

Hamas called on Egypt in its capacity as the sole owner of sovereignty over its lands, borders and crossings to ensure an immediate and dignified return for the Palestinian pilgrims through the Rafah border crossing, rejecting their return through any other Israeli controlled crossings because they would be vulnerable to maltreatment and arrest.

“The suffering and pain of the Palestinian people is still aggravated day by day due to the conspiracies of the American Administration and the Israeli occupation in cahoots with PA parties stabbing us in the back,” Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman opined in a press conference on Monday.

Barhoum added: “We in Hamas are following with great concern what is going on to the Gaza pilgrims on their journey of agony whether those at the Red Sea or in sheltered accommodations (in Arish) that we and our pilgrims already rejected because they may mean a new addition to their suffering and pain.”

The spokesman strongly denounced on behalf of Hamas the IOF troops for assaulting Palestinian pilgrims who returned via the Israeli Erez crossing, where they killed an elderly woman called Khaldia Hamdan and wounded her husband and other pilgrims seriously, adding that these criminal acts confirm the correctness of Hamas”s position rejecting the use of any crossing controlled by Israel.

The spokesman expressed his regret that the press conference held by Fatah in Gaza on Monday contained no reference to the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people and the killing of 126 Palestinians within two months, or even to the suffering of Gaza pilgrims at sea or at the crossings like what happened in the Israeli Erez crossing.