Hamas calls on Islamic summit to assume its duties towards Aqsa Mosque

Hamas calls on Islamic summit to assume its duties towards Aqsa Mosque

The Hamas Movement warned on Monday that the Israeli excavations being carried out under the Aqsa Mosque pose a real to threat to it, calling on the Islamic summit, which will be held in two days in Dakar, to shoulder its responsibilities towards the Mosque and to support the Palestinian people”s resistance.

In a press release, Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, called on the Arab and Islamic Nation to interact with the issue of the Aqsa mosque and to give it priority in light of the Israeli attempts to Judaize occupied Jerusalem and destroy the holy Mosque.

Abu Zuhri also said that the Islamic countries should assume their responsibilities towards the Palestinian people who are exposed to Israeli crimes and to support their resistance in order to be able to restore their usurped rights and to defend the Arab and Islamic dignity which is being desecrated in Palestine, pointing out that any position contrary to this stance is a departure from the “pulse of the Arab and Islamic Nation”.

The spokesman underscored that the heroic Jerusalem operation which led to the death of eight Israelis and the injury of more than 30 others was a message to the Israeli occupation to stop committing crimes against the Palestinian people and their holy shrines in Jerusalem and that the hands of the Palestinian resistance is long and can reach it in depth.

For his part, Taher Al-Nunu, the spokesman for the caretaker government, warned the Israeli occupation of the repercussions of its ongoing assaults on the Aqsa Mosque, highlighting that these malicious schemes against the Mosque would lead to the explosion of the whole region and raise the ire of Muslims all over the world.

In another serious development, Arab Knesset MP Abbas Zakour warned of a possible Zionist terrorist attack on Palestinian worshippers in the Aqsa Mosque at the pretext of retaliating against the attack that targeted Zionist extremists in occupied Jerusalem.

In a press release to the Quds Press, MP Zakour also revealed that Israel is mulling how to retaliate against the attack in order to prove that it is the strongest in the region, but he said that Israel must understand that any act of aggression against the Palestinian people primarily threatens Israel itself rather than the Palestinian people.