Hamas debates points of agreement in Egyptian draft with Jihad, PFLP, DFLP

Hamas debates points of agreement in Egyptian draft with Jihad, PFLP, DFLP

Hamas said that the Egyptian draft for inter-Palestinian conciliation was debated in a meeting late Monday with representatives of the Islamic Jihad Movement and each of the PFLP and DFLP in Gaza.

Ismail Radwan, one of the Hamas political leaders, acknowledged that the factions maintained disagreement over a number of issues but were in agreement over others such as the questions of resistance, (restructuring) PLO, (reforming) security apparatuses, and negotiations with Israel.

He pointed out that the factions were unanimous on preserving the points of agreement and on holding more contacts to reach understanding on the points of discord in a bid to pave the way before success of the national dialog.

Kayed Al-Ghul, the politburo member of the PFLP, said that his Front accepted the Egyptian draft as the basis for dialog, adding that the PFLP had presented a number of specific proposals and certain amendments on the draft.

He hailed the Egyptian draft as a “big contribution to facilitate the dialog”, affirming that all factions were interested in ending division in the Palestinian arena.

For his part, Saleh Zeidan, a senior DFLP official, said that the meeting was meant to close gaps among various viewpoints. He revealed that the four factions agreed on meeting again next Friday to discuss means of bridging gaps.

Hamas had earlier held a meeting with other opposition factions in Gaza on Monday afternoon and agreed that all factions should attend the dialog so that none would say it was not invited and thus would not abide by any expected agreement.