Hamas demands Arab and Islamic stands against Israeli violations

Hamas demands Arab and Islamic stands against Israeli violations

The Hamas Movement on Tuesday deplored the Israeli decision to establish 73, 000 settlement units in the West Bank, calling for taking Palestinian, Arab and Islamic stands to pressure Israel to stop all forms of violations against the Palestinian people.

In a press statement received by the PIC, Hamas said while the American officials visit the region to revive the peace process and make promises about the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, the Israeli government announces its intention to expand settlements in the West Bank,.

Hamas underlined that Israel is still persistent in ignoring all appeals of its allies for halting settlement activities and respect the peace process.

MP Mona Mansour, a member of the Hamas parliamentary bloc, stated that the new Israeli scheme to build thousands of settlement units dealt a heavy blow to all those who cling to the illusions of peace with the Israeli occupation.

MP Mansour urged the Palestinian factions in Cairo to unite ranks to repel this Zionist attack and resist the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and their land.