Hamas demands Arab summit to take serious positions to protect Jerusalem

Hamas demands Arab summit to take serious positions to protect Jerusalem

GAZA, — The Movement of Hamas on Saturday called on the Arab summit to take serious and practical positions to protect the occupied city of Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque against the Israeli schemes aimed to Judaize the city and expel its indigenous people.

“The enemy’s actions, which are aimed at Judaizing Jerusalem and tightening control over it, is known to everyone, especially with more demolition of homes, displacement of its citizens and change in the demographic structure,” Hamas said in a memo sent to the Arab summit.

The statement urged the summit to take urgent decisions to break the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip, open the Rafah border crossing and start to reconstruct what was destroyed during the war.

Regarding the peace initiative, the statement stressed the need for reconsidering the current Arab political positions and options towards the peace process and looking for a new strategy and tactics forcing the Israeli occupation to change its policy and behavior and the world to respect the Arab countries.
“We still seek peace and are keen on it, but the just and true peace appropriate for peoples and nations cannot be achieved if it was not based on real power foundations and an ability to diversify the options,” Hamas highlighted in its statement.

For its part, the Hamas change and reform parliamentary bloc called on the Arab leaders meeting in Libya to assume their responsibilities fully and defend their dignity, their lands and their holy shrines being desecrated by Israel.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the bloc emphasized that the Palestinian people are in dire need of the Arab and Muslim help in order to remain steadfast in the face of the Zionist barbaric attack that targets not only the Palestinian individuals, but also their dignity and the holy sites.

For its part, the higher committee of Hamas prisoners appealed to the Arab leaders to support the issue of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and consider their issue part of their national responsibility towards the Arab nation.

In a press release, the committee stressed the need for adopting the initiative launched by Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya who declared 2010 a year for prisoners.

It noted that the Arab leaders should patronize the issue of prisoners in all fields, especially in the media and diplomatic fields.