Hamas denounces Arab countries for supplying Israel with fuel

Hamas denounces Arab countries for supplying Israel with fuel

The Hamas Movement strongly denounced Arab counties for supplying Israel with fuel and gas and contributing to tighten the unjust Israel siege imposed since months on the Gaza Strip, considering it a serious crime against the Palestinian people.

In a press statement received by the PIC, Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, stated that the continuance of some central Arab countries in selling fuel and gas to the Israeli occupation for less than the cost price and sometimes for free which are used in warplanes and tanks to bomb the Palestinian people is a serious crime against million and a half Palestinians living in Gaza.

Barhoum called on the Arab countries which regrettably have relations with Israel to reevaluate their unbalanced policies towards the Palestinian cause.

The spokesman also called on all human rights organizations especially human rights watch (HRW) and the Red Cross to send their delegations to Gaza to see closely the size of the Gaza people”s daily suffering and to unite the efforts to pressure Israel to lift its siege on Gaza.

For their part, Palestinian MPs of Al-Khalil city imprisoned in Israeli jails, appealed to the international community and parliaments to intervene urgently to stop the daily massacres caused by the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza people.

In another context, the popular committee against the siege warned that all equipment and machinery of Gaza municipalities will stop within hours which means that all streets will be flooded with garbage and sewage which will lead to a definite environmental and health disaster in the Strip.

For their part, the head of municipalities appealed, in a press statements received by the PIC, to all owners of living consciences and advocates of freedom and peace in the world to necessarily move to end the Israeli siege on Gaza.

They also appealed to Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, king of Saudi Arabia Abdullah Al Saud and leaders of Arab states, who provide the world with fuel, to solve the fuel crisis in Gaza urgently before the crisis escalates and becomes more complicated.