• July 31, 2006

Hamas denounces Qana massacre, flays Arab and international silence

The Hamas Movement expressed Sunday its profound condemnation of the new Israeli mass killing in the Lebanese town of Qana in the southern part of the country, and flayed the Arab and the world’s passiveness towards the Israeli non-stop crimes in Palestine and Lebanon.

The Movement urged the Arab and Muslim Ummah to open the gates of resistance against the Israeli occupation government.

In a statement it issued, and a copy of which was faxed to the PIC, Hamas asserted that the Qana second massacre (the first was in 1996 when Israeli air strikes killed more than 106 civilians seeking shelter in the UNIFIL building) will be added to the Israeli record that is full of crimes and massacres against innocent people.

“The innocent blood that was spilled on the Lebanese soil due to the Israeli massacres that were sanctioned by the American administration serve as obvious evidence of the falseness of the American allegations of freedom and democracy as that government was deeply involved in the carnage”, the statement added.

The statement further charged that Israeli premier Ehud Olmert opted to present the Qana massacre as a gift to the visiting US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice to assure her that “he was doing the job very well on behalf of the neo-conservatives in Washington”.

Spokesman of Hamas in Gaza, Sami Abu Zuhri, affirmed that killing and shedding blood was part of the blood-thirsty mentality of the Israeli military institution.

He, moreover, accused the American administration of playing the main role in that carnage as it blindly backed Israel and protected it against any international condemnation.

The Palestinian supreme committee of Islamic and nationalist forces has also denounced the crime, and decided to hold a massive sit-in before the Nablus city’s municipal hall in support of the Palestinian and Lebanese people and resistance.

In cold blood, Olmert shrugged off blood of those innocent children, adding that “Israel isn’t concerned with a ceasefire before achieving its central goal that it laid down before it waged this war”.

Sources in Olmert’s office denied reports that the USA specified a timetable for the aggression on Lebanon to end. Britain and France were reportedly pushing for an immediate ceasefire, which the American administration has repeatedly rejected.

For its part, the USA sent yet another planeload of “precision-bombs” to Israel via Scotland after obtaining British consent. Israel is using those laser-guided bombs to destroy more civilian targets in Lebanon.


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