• May 25, 2008

Hamas deplores Abbas’s grief over future of talks with Olmert

Hamas deplores Abbas’s grief over future of talks with Olmert

The Hamas Movement strongly denounced the statements made by PA chief Mahmoud Abbas in which he expressed his fears that the corruption investigation against Israeli premier Ehud Olmert could lead to the halt of peace negotiations, calling on him to wager on the Palestinian people rather than on Olmert.

Dr. Ismail Radwan, a prominent Hamas leader, expressed his shock and dismay that Abbas insists on his frivolous negotiations with the Israeli occupation, while he failed during those talks with Olmert to remove one Israeli barrier dividing the West Bank.

Dr. Radwan underlined that Abbas”s contradictory statements in which he sometimes says that the negotiating process led to nothing and now he expresses his fears that Olmert”s investigations could negatively affect talks bear out that he is swinging between his positions.

The Hamas leader added that these clashing statements of Abbas point out to the utter failure of his negotiations with Olmert which are based on Israel”s demands without any regard for the Palestinian people”s rights, highlighting that Abbas “is living the last moments in his political life”.