Hamas desire participation in Dubai investigation

Hamas desire participation in Dubai investigation


In a press statement to the Jordanian newspaper Al-Sabeel published on Sunday, Resheq added that the complete picture of the crime would not be revealed without joint cooperation between Hamas and Dubai authorities.

He affirmed that Hamas formed a high-level committee to find out the background details of the assassination of Mabhouh, expressing hope that the investigation efforts being made by Hamas and Dubai authorities could come together to achieve better results.

For his part, senior Hamas official Sami Khater said that the involvement of Palestinian suspects in the killing of Mabhouh does not change the truth that the Mossad is the only party responsible for the crime.

“We said from the beginning that the party responsible for the assassination is the Mossad and if it succeeded in recruiting some elements whether Palestinian or of another nationality, that does not change the truth,” Khater highlighted in a statement on Sunday to the Palestinian information center (PIC).

“The only party that perpetrated, planned and was responsible for the crime is the Mossad and we only accuse the Mossad,” he added.

The Hamas official urged Dubai police to provide further explanation on the information they revealed about the use of diplomatic European passports in the assassination, noting that the European countries should assume their responsibilities in this regard and investigate the Mossad’s use of their official documents to carry out the crime.