Hamas dismayed at ignoring Palestinian prisoners

Hamas dismayed at ignoring Palestinian prisoners

Hamas said that it was absolutely perturbed at the UN human rights council that allowed Naom Shalit, father of the captured soldier Gilad Shalit, to take the stand and address the council.

A responsible source in the Hamas movement on Monday said in a press release that the UN council did not allow a similar opportunity for relatives of thousands of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in Israeli occupation jails.

He described such a step as a double standard policy in dealing with the Palestine cause and comes in violation of the human rights principles championed by that council.

The source asked the council to allow the same opportunity for representatives of 11,000 Palestinian prisoners to address the council and the world community at the UN podium in order to be fair to them and their relatives.

He urged all concerned organizations to demand the release of those Palestinian captives and to prosecute the Israeli war criminals for their inhuman practices and crimes committed against the Palestinian prisoners and Palestinian people in general.