Hamas Government Will Include Women and Christians

Khaled Meshal a leader of Hamas said that the group is on the verge of a new era, namely, seizing power. The new status will not alter Hamas, unless if changes are conformable with its principles. Meshal stated that tests over the previous twenty years proved that Hamas can not be subdued. The movement is faring well and still strong enough to tolerate the responsibility of the government without abandoning any of its fundamentals.

Unlike other movements, Hamas regards the government ’a necessity’ not ’a need’. Therefore, it will manage it bearing in mind Fatah’s mistakes. Despite his belief that power is corrupting, he voiced no fear over experiencing it, indicating that the ethical and religious backgrounds of Hamas are its shield. In addition, Hamas is an institution that is not governed by an autocratic leader or authority. These two points illustrate the difference between Fatah and Hamas, according to Meshal.

Hamas will exert its best to cooperate with Mahmud Abbas, the Palestinian President. The group, furthermore, will grant him confidence even more than he enjoys in his own movement. Currently, the Palestinian arena sees no divisive dispute over the settlement with Israel which blocks any outlet of hope for peace. He asserted that Palestinians have several options and ready to sacrifice since other choices are tested to be useless,’ Meshal added.

The new government will be based on technocracy and will compass officials from Hamas, other factions and independents. Hamas’ aspired coalition government is promising where some sectors of Fatah are willing to participate. While nominations for the government posts are still underway, it is almost certian that The new government will include women and Christians. Meshal stressed that Hamas government will provide Palestinians with an unprecedented sense of protection. Hamas will petition powers eager to join the government to appoint their candidates.

Commenting on security apparatus, Meshal admitted that Fatah exercises dominance over it. He appeared cautious when hinting to necessary changes among the ranks of security leadership, stressing that Hamas will not fire anyone because of being a member in a certain movement. Hamas has a program of reform which extends to the security branch, however, it believes in gradual change.

In reference to funding the new government, Meshal said Hamas will handle funds transparently and use it for the benefit of Palestinians not the group. Hamas will not be an obstacle before funds; however, it will not allow them to be used as a tactic to pressure Palestinians people. Even before coming in office, Hamas received promises of Arab aids, especially from Gulf States. Meshal remarked that if Palestinians skillfully manage their resources, their need for aids will sharply decrease.