Hamas invites Arab ministerial committee to restore Palestinian unity

Hamas invites Arab ministerial committee to restore Palestinian unity

The Hamas Movement has urged Arab states to form a ministerial committee and to send it to Gaza Strip with the aim to break the Israeli economic siege imposed on the 1.5 million Palestinians living there, stressing the Arab depth of the Palestinian issue.

Arab foreign ministers had rushed to an emergency meeting in the Egyptian capital Cairo after inter-Lebanese armed clashes erupted over the past week, and decided to immediately send a ministerial committee to Lebanon to defuse the tension.

The committee, so far, succeeded in its mission as rival Lebanese parties accepted the Qatari invitation for national dialogue, and met in the Qatari capital Doha to discuss and resolve their disputes.

“We always stress the need of an Arab depth to all Arab issues, be it the Palestinian issue, the Lebanese issue, or any other Arab issue that would swiftly solve problems and would rush to rescue Arab people”, asserted Fawzi Barhoum, the spokesman of Hamas Movement in Gaza Strip, in a press statement he made and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC.

He also underlined that the swift Arab response to the Lebanese problem proves that Arab states were capable of deciding for themselves and away from external influences, and that they could resolve disputes between Arab states or even rifts among people of the same country.

Describing the Arab ministerial step as “positive”, Barhoum underscored the need for the formation of another Arab committee of the same level if not of a higher one that would look into and resolve the inter-Palestinian rift, and to restore Palestinian national unity.

“None could prevent the Arab committee from visiting the suffering Gaza Strip, and none could stop them from contributing to lift the unjust siege that had been imposed on it for more than two years now”, the Hamas spokesman emphasized.

“We as Palestinians need to restore the Arab and Islamic depth of the Palestinian issue both on the official and on the popular levels, and we believe that the Arab ministerial committee is a step in the right direction that needs to be developed and activated in support of the Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza Strip”, Barhoum pointed out.

Furthermore, Barhoum hailed the Qatari efforts in bringing the disputing Lebanese parties together, and around one table in Doha, describing Qatar as a “fair peace broker”.