Hamas lawmakers hope elections committee decision could enhance reconciliation

Hamas lawmakers hope elections committee decision could enhance reconciliation

WEST BANK,– Palestinian lawmakers from Hamas Movement in the West Bank have described the decision of the Palestinian elections committee to postpone the legislative elections as “professional and responsible”.

They also hoped that the decision could push towards speeding up the restoration of the Palestinian national unity, and it would bridle the issuance of any further illegal edicts.

Dr, Aziz Dwaik, the PLC speaker, commended the courage of the committee, adding that the decision was “anticipated” because it dealt with actual facts on the ground. “The decision of the committee was correct, and we did sit with its members and explained our constitutional point of view regarding the elections and they were amenable to our views,” Dwaik explained.

“We should first end the Palestinian political rift and achieve national reconciliation before we go to elections… this is the right thing, and we hope we could achieve the national harmony in order to hold the elections in healthy atmosphere,” Dwaik highlighted.

MPs Omar Abdul Razeq, who described the decision as “prudent”, and Abdul Rahman Zaidan seconded their colleague’s remarks, warning that the decision shouldn’t be exploited to take further illegal edicts that could pollute the atmosphere of the reconciliation.

For his part, MP Mohammed Maher underlined that all the edicts issued by Abbas after his term in office had expired were indeed null and void and breached the PA basic law and constitution.

Hamas Movement won a land slide victory in the PA legislative elections in 2006 and controlled the PLC before the Israeli occupation authorities and Fatah faction spoiled those elections and derailed the function of the democratically elected PA legislature.