Hamas Leader Denies Transferring Shalit File to a Foreign Agent

Hamas Leader Denies Transferring Shalit File to a Foreign Agent

Osama Hamdan (Chairman of Hamas office in Lebanon) denied, in an interview with Ikhwanweb, transferring the file of the captured Israeli soldier Shalit to a foreign agent, demanding authentication of these reports.


Hamdan explained that any agent needs to have relations with the two parties of the cause (Hamas and the Israeli occupation), pointing out that there are many Initiatives in this regard.


“We believe that Egypt must exert all efforts, as the file is still in its hands” he added. He mentioned the demands of the movement in return for releasing Shalit, which are releasing women, children and 100 of the prisoners as well as deputies and ministers who were detained after the forming of Hamas Government.

Hamdan strenuously attacked Mahmoud Abbas (the Palestinian President) after the latter’s statement to “Ha”aretz” the Hebrew daily newspaper, saying that “The return of all refugees to
Israel means to destroy it as a state”, which Hamdan described as “more than just a bargaining to the right of return”.


Hamdan called Palestinian legislative institutions to declare Abu Mazen’s incapacity to bear the responsibility of leading the Palestinian people, adding that preserving the Palestinians’ rights is one of the pillars of the capacity to lead the Palestinian people.


He revealed that Abu Mazen is fighting the resistance and introducing a waive to a fundamental right that affects all the Palestinian people, “the greatest indication of Abbas’s incapacity to lead the Palestinian people is his  defense of the interests of the enemy without taking into account the national interests of the Palestinians” Hamdan said.