Hamas leader skeptical of Israeli investigation on attacked Freedom Flotilla

An “Independent public commission” has been unanimously backed to investigate the Israeli military massacre raid on the Turkish Mavi Marmara Ship bound for Gaza which left 20 international activists dead and others injured. The ship had many activists from all walks of life on board including professors, lawyers, doctors and MPs including two members from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc.


An Israeli official had maintained that the independent commission would be led by Jacob Turkel a retired Israeli judge.


The Commission is expected to submit conclusions on the violating actions that Israeli commandos took to prevent the arrival of ships carrying humanitarian aid  to Gaza .


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed that he hoped the decision would appease the international criticism however according to sources, Dr. Ahmed Yousef, a Hamas leader has no faith in an investigation led by Israel . He added that only an international investigation committee could be impartial stressing that the Israeli committee would fail to convince the world.