Hamas Moves Towards the Legislative Council to Protect Resistance

Khaled Mesha’al, a prominent leader of Hamas, said that the movement comes to the Legislative Council adhering to the option of resistance. Hamas will apply a new version of fighting the Zionist entity, via mixing politics with taking up arms. 
In an interview on Aljazeera Channel on Monday, Mesha’al said Hamas resolved to run for the legislative polls after holding consultations and talks on different levels of the organization, inside and abroad.  The Movement concluded that its participation in the Legislative Council helps the national interests. He emphatically stressed that Hamas vies for the vote, campaigning under the legitimacy of resistance not of Oslo, which came to an end upon the Palestinian uprising. Moreover, the late Palestinian chairman, Yasser Arafat, had declared his renouncement of Oslo, in addition, Israeli officials, toped by Arial Sharon, disclaimed the pact.
Mesha’al indicated the option of negotiation with Israel is unproductive and has been proved unfruitful, drawing the attention to Israeli non-recognition of the Palestinian rights, and that resistance, tested previously, is the sole medium of wining rights back. While Oslo has resulted in neither dismantling settlements nor ending occupation, resistance forced Israel to pull out of Gaza.
Mesha’al pointed out that Hamas accesses the Legislative Council for certain goals; to enhance the option of struggle and to reorganize the Palestinian affaires via establishing institutions, eradicating corruption, ending autocracy, reforming security apparatus, and providing better living standards for Palestinians.           
The political participation does not contradict with adherence to resistance, Meshal remarked. Hamas seeks to create a political partnership with all factions and powers.
Commenting on the likelihood of Hamas’ participation in the government, Mesha’al said the Movement has not decided this matter yet. No matter the decision is it will certainly be conformable with the national interests. 

Mesha’al reviewed Hamas’ achievements, on different fronts. He, furthermore, noted that Hamas includes well-reputed and scientifically qualified figures. Through the Legislative Council, the movement will play a significant role in reforming the Palestinian institutions.
In conclusion, Mesha’al asserted Hamas enjoys good ties with Palestinian, Arab, Islamic and international sides that are of service to the Palestinian cause. He categorically proclaimed the movement’s rejection of foreign dictions or pressures.