Hamas MPs and officials hold video conference with Scottish counterparts

Hamas MPs and officials hold video conference with Scottish counterparts

 GAZA, — A number of Palestinian lawmakers and officials on Saturday held a video conference with their Scottish counterparts in Gaza city and briefed them on the humanitarian situation in the Strip.

The Scottish delegation included a number of ministers, lawmakers, and heads of municipal councils and civil society institutions in addition to academics and dignitaries.

During the meeting, the Palestinian lawmakers and officials gave a detailed explanation about the Israeli blockade on Gaza and its consequent disastrous impacts on all aspects of the daily life especially after the devastating Israeli war.

The Palestinian side also expressed its appreciation to the Scottish delegates for their concern for the Palestinian cause and the suffering of Gaza people, calling for organizing more European convoys to break the siege on Gaza.

The Scottish side, for its part, invited the Palestinian government and lawmakers to visit Scotland and the European countries to break the political isolation imposed on Gaza and promised to continue the efforts to break the blockade on Gaza people.

In another development, a delegation of Hamas lawmakers met with a number of heads of local governments in Malaysia Friday.

The Hamas delegation included Ismail Al-Ashqar, Salem Salama and Mushir Al-Masri and was received by Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ni’amat, the premier of Kelantan state, Sheikh Azezan Abdelrazek, the premier of Kadah state, and Sheikh Abdelkhaliq Ibrahim, the premier of Islanjur state.

The delegation conveyed the image of the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the Israeli violations in occupied Jerusalem.

For their part, the Malasyian officials expressed their sympathy with the suffering of the Palestinian people and deplored the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza.