Hamas Not Moved By Israel Threats Against Haniah

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, considered the Zionist threats to assassinate the Palestinian Prime Minister-designated Ismael Haniah an open and declared crime, asserting that such threats do not affect the movement.

“I see no immunity granted for Haniah because he becomes the prime minister,” Ivy Dechter, the advisor of the Israeli Acting Prime Minister, told the Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth.

In response, Hamas spokesman Samy Abu Zehary said: “the occupation may have been successful in carrying out previous assassinations and threats against Hamas senior officials yet it failed in curtailing it due to the steadfastness and persistence of our people…lives of our leaders are not more precious than anyone of the public.”

In this respect, Abu Zehary called on the international community to adopt a clear stance to the Israeli outspoken threats.

“These threats do not surprise us. They, nevertheless, unmask the ugly reality of the Israeli occupation and embarrass the international community which claims democracy while puts pressures on Palestinians,” said Abu Zehary commenting on the potential impact of threats on the preparations for the incoming Hamas-led government.

In his reply, Ismael Haniah, Hamas MP, asserted that the Israeli threats do not intimidate him.

In an interview with the Israeli radio on Saturday, Efraim Halevy the ex-chief of Israel’s Mossad said that a truce with Hamas can be called but not a peace accord. “In event of reaching an agreement, we can not abandon our condition that Hamas should recognize our rights in return for rights it presses us to admit,” added Halevy. “The status quo is more appropriate to conclude a long-term temporary compromise…at the present time, a truce is needed,” he stated.

Halevy advised Israel to regard Hamas “an intelligent enemy” so Israel “should not belittle its importance.” “Hamas leaders are wise, very smart, and perfectly grasp the keys of the game,” Halevy remarked.

In fact, these remarks are contradictory to the general outlook of Israeli government which considers Hamas a terrorist organization.

On the other side, a MP of Hamas uncovered American endeavors to make indirect contacts with the movement on contrary to its declared policy calling for isolating Hamas.