Hamas Offers Protection for Gaza Christians

On Thursday, Mahmud el-Zahar, a prominent leader of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hams, vowed to protect the Christian inhabitants of Gaza against any potential attacks by militants who are provoked by the defaming caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon Him. 
“You and your brothers are safe and secure in Palestine. Whoever attacks you, will be subject to legal penalty,” el-Zahar addressed Latin Christians during a visit to the Holy Trinity School in Gaza.         
“We will not allow them to commit any act that hurt you, your institutions, or your schools,” he added. “If you want to charge the military wing of Hamas with guarding your churches, your temples, and your schools till police comes under our authorities, you have it,” he offered.  
“They are enraged just like us. We preferred to close the bureau of the E.U. but why do they threaten to attack churches in Gaza?” wondered Manuel Moslem, the Pastor of Latin Sect in Gaza.
“I denounce such threats (on churches in Palestine) just like I condemn any humiliation of the Islamic nation or of the Prophet Muhammad,” the Pastor added.