Hamas Official Arrives in Cairo

In an official visit to Cairo, Mussa Abu Marzoq, the vice president of Hamas Political Bureau, will meet with top Egyptian officials to talk about Hamas status after its victory in the Palestinian elections. In addition, Abu Marzoq will participate in the mock trail held by the Arab Bar Union against the US President, British and Israeli Prime Ministers.

In his statements to Ikhwan online, Abu Marzoq asserted he will participate in the trail to testify on Sharon’s crimes against Palestinians. Moreover, he said he will meet with Egyptian officials to discuss the elections and the formation of the new government.

All relevant matters will be the subject of talks with the senior Egyptian officials, he added. Marzoq also denied any Egyptian pressure on Hamas to renounce resistance or to recognize Israel. He said that the Western countries, themselves, began to waver in their conditions.

Concerning the pattern of the new government and if it will include other factions besides Hamas, Abu Marzoq said all these prospects will be brought up when Abbas Abu Mazen asks Hamas to form the new government. Currently, decisions over these matters are postponed.