Hamas parliamentary bloc: Israel’s nationality law is racist

Hamas parliamentary bloc: Israel’s nationality law is racist


RAMALLAH, — The Hamas change and reform parliamentary bloc said that the Israeli government’s approval of the nationality law is a dangerous racist decision aimed at perpetuating the idea of the Jewish state, displacing the remaining Palestinians in the 1948 occupied lands and closing the door on the right of return.

"This decision was taken as the Israeli occupation insists on making the Palestinian negotiator recognize the Jewish state," the parliamentary bloc underlined in a statement on Sunday.

The bloc emphasized that the Israeli occupation state believes only in its racist and criminal mentality, knows nothing about the language of peace and is persistent in achieving its strategic goals and denying the Palestinian people’s rights, the thing which makes the resistance the only option for the Palestinian people that could put an end to this Zionist mindset.

The bloc highlighted that the Palestinian resistance is the only party which forced the occupation to backtrack on many of its strategic goals and withdraw from the Gaza Strip.

For their part, the Hamas lawmakers in the West Bank condemned the loyalty oath law for non-Jewish citizens which the Israeli government approved on Sunday.

They said this law reflects the size of Israel’s racism and hostility against Palestinians and Arabs and threatens their presence in the 1948 occupied lands.