Hamas receives Egyptian vision on ending inter-Palestinian discord

Hamas receives Egyptian vision on ending inter-Palestinian discord

The Hamas Movement announced the receipt of a draft of the Egyptian vision on ending the inter-Palestinian discord as a prelude to the comprehensive dialog expected to take place in Cairo early next month, adding that its leadership is embarking on studying it.

In an exclusive statement to the PIC, Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, said that the Egyptian vision is under study by the Movement”s institutions.

In an interview with the radio of Voice of Palestine, Dr. Nabil Shaath, the head of the Fatah delegation to Cairo, also confirmed the receipt of the Egyptian vision, pointing out that one of the major terms of this draft was the necessity of ending the internal conflict and reunifying the country geographically and politically.

Dr. Shaath added that the draft stipulated the formation of a new Palestinian government gaining Palestinian, Arab and international support and able to end the Israeli siege, noting that this government would rebuild the security apparatuses with the assistance of Arab countries and hold legislative elections on schedule.

For its part, the Ma”an news agency quoted informed sources on condition of anonymity as saying that comprehensive dialog between Palestinian rivals will start in Cairo on the ninth of next November.

The sources underlined that the Egyptian vision confirmed the sanctity of the Palestinian blood and that the resistance comes in the framework of a national consensus.

The sources pointed out that the draft calls for forming committees to address all issues of dialog and reconciliation like committees on the government, elections, the security apparatuses, the PLO, and internal reconciliation.

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, a prominent Hamas leader, had stated that his Movement would deal with the dialog files tabled as a package deal, noting that if one items of this deal was not implemented, the other items would not be respected.

Dr. Zahhar also highlighted that a tripartite meeting was supposed to take place between Hamas, Fatah and Egypt, but Fatah rejected the meeting.