• February 16, 2008

Hamas strongly condemns the attack on the YMCA in Gaza

Hamas strongly condemns the attack on the YMCA in Gaza

Hamas has strongly condemned the attack which targeted the YMCA in Gaza city and accused those behind the attack of serving the occupation and of trying to create discord within the Palestinian arena.

A statement by the movement read: “There are those who aim to spoil the historic patriotic Islamic-Christian relationship in Palestine and they do not like to see a state of harmony [between communities] living side by side under the oppressive siege against our people and especially in the Gaza Strip [..] It is clear that these devious hands aim to disturb the state of social peace in the Gaza Strip in the service of the Israeli occupation agenda.”

Hamas stressed the importance of the historic Islamic-Christian brotherly relationship in Palestine as part of the national unity that Hamas places at the top of its priorities and stated that such acts are alien to the Palestinian culture and only serve to mar the Palestinian just struggle for freedom.

Hamas also called on the government to find the culprits responsible for the heinous act and put them on trial.