Hamas Success is not Plight

Hamas Political Bureau Chief Khaled Meshal asserted that Hamas sweeping victory in elections does not represent an impasse, on contrary; Arabs should take advantage of it.  
Meshal denied that Hamas proposed a truce initiative with Israel. It, in fact, suggested a temporary extension of the truce for certain reasons. Accordingly, it does not violate the group’s ideology.
Currently, Hamas will not put forth any initiatives whereas Israel does not show any real intention in resolving some crucial issues such as pulling back to 1967 borders, Jerusalem and the right of refugees’ return.
Meshal added the group is still adhering to resistance as a strategic option paralleled with the political action and the international maneuvers till Israel admits the Palestinian rights. ’At that moment, we will be ready to accept Israeli offers’
As for the present political settlement, Meshal stated that Hamas will neither comply with nor improve it. He affirmed that unlike Fatah, Hamas will not make free concessions
With regard to the stalled peace process, Meshaal said Hamas is looking forward to handle the Palestinian-Israeli conflict with new mechanism.
Meshal asserted that Hamas will not comply with the international pressures. Despite the difficult challenges, Hamas is capable of retoring Palestinian rights.     
Commenting on connections between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in municipals, Meshal said they come under the compulsory treatment with the occupation for managing the daily life of Palestinians.  This cooperation does not imply recognition of Israel. In addition, it will neither include the security side nor make any concessions that harm the Palestinian interests.
 About the likelihood of running for the coming presidential elections, Meshal remarked that it is too early to speculate, adding that Hamas does not seek to exercise full control over all powers of the Authority.
Talking about the Russian invitation, Meshal expressed his welcome and appreciation for this step, indicating that he will accept the invitation to visit Moscow. Agreeing to start a new stage with Palestinians, Jordon will be a destination during Hamas tour of Arab states. Preparations for a visit to Saudi Arabia are underway. Furthermore, Hamas is eager to make good ties with the countries of Latin America.
In light of the Western threats to suspend aids and the potential pressure on Arabs, Meshal regarded the economical status of the Palestinian territories the largest challenge before the group. He hinted, in addition, to the immense corruption caused by the previous government, the absence of real economic development turned Palestinians into a consuming society. In this respect, Hamas has many alternatives, among them is to seek the support of Arab states which will not leave Palestinians starving, Meshal remarked.
Meshal also talked about tendencies to allow the private sector of both Arab and Islamic countries to invest in the Palestinian territories.