Hamas to decide on dialog today, affirms no political detainees held in Gaza

Hamas to decide on dialog today, affirms no political detainees held in Gaza

Hamas on Sunday affirmed that there are no political detainees in the Gaza Strip and added that it would announce its final position regarding national dialog later today.


Dr. Osama Al-Muzzaini, one of the Hamas leaders, told the PIC that his Movement was not interested in dialog for the sake of dialog but was rather interested in a serious, national dialog that would lead to concrete results.


People want dialog and want real reconciliation, he underlined, adding that Hamas had offered many concessions while Fatah never gave one.


Muzzaini then revealed that a prominent Hamas leader was currenlty touring a number of European countries that invited him to listen to the Movement”s views.


He then opined that American president Barack Obama”s speech to the Islamic world was only meant to beautify the image of his country.


For his part, Taher Al-Nunu, the spokesman of the Hamas-led government in Gaza, said that there were no political detainees in the Strip.


Nunu said that the government decided to release 20 detainees, which Fatah said were affiliated with it. He added that they were acquitted from involvement in security violations.


The spokesman said that other detainees were held for security charges and would receive fair trials.


He added in a press release that his government was following up the national dialog talks in Cairo and was supporting Egyptian efforts aimed at ending the state of division in the Palestinian arena